Custom - Fry and Wing Trays


You already serve amazing fries or wings. Now serve them in a boat worthy of your food! Presenting your food in custom branded trays will upgrade your restaurant’s branding in a big way.

These high quality food trays are made of high quality coated paper that will be a perfect background for your design. Also available in kraft varieties.

Additional Information

Cases are 1000 trays. There is a 10 case minimum for this product.

Below is the pricing table. Custom printing is $50 per color.

Quantity discounts Available! Extra 10% off for orders of 25,000 or more. Extra 15% for orders of 50,000 or more.

Item Price per Unit Price per 1000 Upper Length Upper Width (IN) Lower Length (IN) Lower Width (IN) Height (IN)
1/4 Pound Custom Food Trays $0.079 $79.00 4.1 Inches 2.4 Inches 3 Inches 1.8 Inches 1.3 Inches
1/2 Pound Custom Food Trays $0.089 $89.00 4.8 Inches 3 Inches 3.3 Inches 2 Inches 1.7 Inches
1 Pound Custom Food Trays $0.099 $99.00 5.7 Inches 3.5 Inches 4.2 Inches 2.3 Inches 1.8 Inches
1 Pound Custom Food Trays $0.099 $99.00 5.7 Inches 3.5 Inches 4.2 Inches 2.7 Inches 1.9 Inches
2.5 Pound Custom Food Trays $0.129 $129.00 7.9 Inches 4.6 Inches 5.4 Inches 3.3 Inches 2.4 Inches
3 Pound Custom Food Trays $0.139 $139.00 8.5 Inches 4.8 Inches 6.9 Inches 3.6 Inches 2.4 Inches
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